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The propagation of readily detected malware as well as the novel ones are at an alarming level and this problem does really affecting large number of computers globally.

Signature based antivirus is a typical malware detection technique, detecting and removing known malware by simply identifying a malicious signature in the questionable file that match against the existing signatures established in the Knowledge Base.A quality signature extraction was proven in our past research that signatures of malware in the past could be used to detect malware emerging later too.

N - gram technique is used to breakdown a long stream of binary data into short sized signatures.An immune system mimics the natural immunology observed in biology.A crucial part of its process is identifying self cells and non - self cells.Several models exist, with the most well known being negative selection. A negative selection algorithm is used to establish the Knowledge Base(KB) during the training stage. This KB is then used during detection stage.

The AVScan is developed with aims to be able to monitor, detect and effectively remove any traces of malicious files. Results from our experiment suggested that the proposed technique fully and accurately detect benign files and the malicious ones.
AVScan can be downloaded at : Software Section